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  This is a level IIIA maximum protection bullet-proof jacket which comes with front and rear ceramic plates and groin protector. The Press Jacket meets all international and Police anti-ballistic test standards. The Press Jacket has detachable 'PRESS' badges and outside pockets for camera batteries, film and cellular phone. This jacket, with plates fitted will protect against a 7.62mm Sniper Round.
In Central Coalfields Ltd,Ranchi which due on 2nd of next month ,in the state of Jharkand in India and we may play an important role in finalization of this order in your favour. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as leading business associates of the various companies in the above mentioned field and having good contacts and relations with the top and middle management of the above mentioned companies.
  For those of you who can never be without your laptops, the BUILT Laptop Backpack is like a part of your body. The BUILT Laptop Backpack is another sleek and minimal solution for lugging your laptop around that looks kinda like a bulletproof jacket. Constructed from lightweight Neoprene, the bag is water and stain resistant and is also machine washable. The Laptop Backpack features three compartments including one for your laptop, one for accessories, and a shoulder pocket for smaller goods.
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