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Analogue is actually Digital! Yes - that is right. All modern security cameras available from any whole saler or installer are Digital Cameras also called CCD Cameras. CCD stands for Charged Coupled Device, which is the name for the digital micro chip producing the picture signal. The lense of these CCD Cameras, focuses the light onto that chip. The chip has thousands of micro cells, which react to light sensitivety and colour frequency.
We do not want to get too technical here so... ... why do we call CCD Cameras Analogue when in fact they are not? The heart and key issue differentiating between the different types of CCTV Systems is the Recording Device and the technology used to get the video signal from the CCD chip to the data storage.
Ideal CCTV can offer high profile Mobile Car CCTV applications, incorporating 3G Mobile Network connections and Auto Download (activated as vehicles approach the Wireless Docking Station at the local Branch). For most TAXI / Cab Services and sole proprietors this is not an affordable option.
We have created a TAXI CCTV Kit that satisfies minimum requirements whilst delivering up to Real-Time Recording at DVD Quality.
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