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Analogue is actually Digital! Yes - that is right. All modern security cameras available from any whole saler or installer are Digital Cameras also called CCD Cameras. CCD stands for Charged Coupled Device, which is the name for the digital micro chip producing the picture signal. The lense of these CCD Cameras, focuses the light onto that chip. The chip has thousands of micro cells, which react to light sensitivety and colour frequency.
The Bomb Blanket is designed to protect property and personnel from the blast and fragmentation occurring whemn IED is set off. it may also be used as a ballistic blanket in certain vehicle applications. The blanket itself is manufactuerd from a Nylon outer cover, which offers a water proof protective layer to the Aramid layers inside
Mail Scanner Scanmail 10K new genration of microprocessor Controlled, toch pad operated Equipment.No installation costs minimal operating and maintenance cost and no costly trainig. screens bundles of letters, packets and parcels upto 16 inches wide by 2.5 inches thick-approx. size of large telephone directory
Turn Stile Featuers microprocessors control. works two ways. Allows only single access per entry provides entry-log output in accordance with direction of entry.Able to display digital entry-log output on the display screen as well as directly on the PC of a PC-controlled system. Equipped with the SAU(Shock Absorber Unit) for rotaional brake system of the turnsitle arm. In case of electronic Outrage, turnstile system automatically switches to two-way free access mode
The UVIS has proved to be an affective tool for viewing the underside of vehicles entering and exiting secure areas or facilities for inert explosive devicess (IEDs) and contraband
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