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The sleek, easy grip design of the Super Wand helps make everyone an effective security screener Exclusive 360 degree plus provides uniform sensitvity along scan area including tip pinpointing. Choice of audible or silent Vibrate / LED alarm, for less conspiciousdetection.Optional belt holder available

  The Super Scanner is the world's most respected and most utilized-hand-held scanner. It is used by security personnel and law enforcement agents numerous times daily, all over the world. The Super Scanner detects medium-size pistols from a distance of 9"; large pocket knives, up to 6"; razor blades, 3"; hatpins, 1"Features automatic retuning (no adjustments ever needed). Sensitivity can be limited if ambient metal causes interference. Has a large scanning surface for quick, yet thorough scanning. Features an automatic battery check. No tools are required to change batteries.
The THD is the most rugged, compact metal
detector on the market. With a 360° highlys ensitive detection area and silent screening mode, the THD is the perfect metal detector for all law enforcement operations.
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